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Supporting Tech & Business Leaders to achieve a state of a High-Performance Mind

Why strive to become a Mindful Tech Leader? 

As a tech leader, the amount of pressure and information you are asked to absorb and manage can be overwhelming.

Many tech leaders experience an overload of new priorities, information, and deadlines. These reduce productivity and kick off a negative feedback loop: 

A significant drop in leadership performance, cognitive abilities exhaust, more energy needs to be invested, only to achieve fewer outcomes.

It's evident that tech leaders without a proper mind management practice will fail if not approached proactively at some point in their careers.

However, just “meditating” won't be solving the problem, and “slowing down” is also not an option.

Through recent scientific advances in mindfulness, neuroscience, biohacking, epigenetics, as well as neurofeedback, there are proven ways using a data-driven approach to upgrade your mind and leadership capabilities in a very systematic way.

In addition, new approaches to leadership such as mindfulness, consciousness, and servant leadership principles produce promising results and are backed up by numbers. 

But how to apply these effectively to your teams and organization? 

Science has shown that you will be more successful if supported by like minded-peers who are also passionate about  achieving a state of high-performance mind and shaping a New Workplace.

For this reason, Reiner Kraft, Ph.D., decided in 2019 to create the Fellowship of Mindful Leaders. Per definition, a fellowship is a group of people with the same purpose, experience, and a shared interest in achieving something worthwhile as a group.

Later in 2020, he also emphasized the technology focus more prominently - while migrating the members and content to a new community platform.




Together we embark on a powerful mission and quest to change the global business and technology landscape, step by step, each of us in their own personal and unique way - but with the common intent of elevating leadership to the next level.

It started as a small initiative and grass-root effort as part of Reiner's teachings from The Mindful Leader. However, it relatively quickly attracted diverse and global technology leaders as well as mindfulness & leadership experts and coaches. 

Within the first few months, the Fellowship grew to 35 members from Germany, UK, Ireland, Ethiopia, and California. They represent companies such as Google, Zalando,  Adviqo, GameDuell, OLX, Vodaphone, Yahoo!, ANDigital, BMW iVentures, Quandoo, Nyris, Yelp, and eBay Kleinanzeigen.

As of February 2022, we have already reached a significant milestone of having 230 global technology leaders
As the number of our members' increases, the community's diversity and network effect increases, which provides more value to each member.  

You won't become a Mindful Tech Leader and achieve a state of a high-performance mind over night by visiting a seminar, workshop, or reading a blog. It is a lengthy process and serious commitment to your personal and leadership growth, which will span over many years.

- Reiner Kraft, Ph.D.


The High-Performance Mind

A special 12-Week Program comprising an effective mix of training, coaching, and masterminding leveraging the latest science & cutting-edge technology

The Mindful Leader created this unique training program to help Tech Leaders achieve a state of a high-performance mind that allows them to stay calm and focused while planning, organizing, and executing ambitious tech projects & how to teach them to their staff.

A data- and KPI- driven approach for a high-performance mind through mind management that enables you to think laser-sharp, stay productive, and creative while not exhausting in complex, fast-paced environments.

It is an impactful and meaningful next step in achieving tech leadership mastery, and members of The Mindful Tech Leaders community can use this platform here to exchange best practises and ideas on how to grow and achieve tech leadership mastery. 

The training is truly transformative and uses a data-drive approach to produce clear and measurable results. 

As a foundation, it requires rigorous and consistent training of your mind to elevate your Level of Consciousness (LOC).

  • During your journey, you will be growing personally and as a leader as your consciousness expands
  • You will be able to increase your self-awareness and improve the quality of your decisions.
  • As you are strongly connected to your intuition, you will be able to apply Deep Innovation.
  • You will become more stress-resilient amidst daily turmoil and distractions.
  • You will recognize the common fears of a leader and transcend those.
  • Your ability to focus on the essential will increase. 
  • The collaboration in your organization will be based on the principles of unity, which results in higher output and a greater quality of your results.

You can't do this Alone or in Isolation 

Research has shown that you are more successful in your personal and leadership growth if you surround yourself with a community of support

For this purpose, Reiner had the idea of creating a Fellowship of Mindful Tech Leaders.

Together with other like-minded tech leaders, we embark on a mighty mission to change the business landscape on this planet.

Furthermore, other mindfulness & leadership coaches/experts will be joining the Fellowship of Mindful Tech Leaders. We need to increase diversity in our abilities to complement & strengthen each other. This can happen through knowledge exchange, training, master-minding, or coaching.

Diversity is a crucial value of the Fellowship, as in my experience, it allows us to complement and support our strengths nicely. 

The Fellowship is there to support you in your personal growth during this journey and that you have the opportunity to master-mind and connect with your fellow Mindful Tech Leaders and subject experts.

The Topics of Interest

As we're collaborating, we're focusing on the following topics (but not limited to):

  1. Setting up an effective Mind-Management Practise
  2. Stress Management & Resilience
  3. Overcoming & Conquering Fear
  4. Mindful Tech Leadership in the New Workplace - Best Practices
  5. Holistic Product Management in Tech
  6. Deep Innovation in Tech
  7. Human-Centered UX & Design in Tech
  8. Responsible Machine Learning & AI
  9. The 7 Pillars of Mindful Leadership
    1. Consciousness Growth
    2. The Mind - Cleanup & Upgrade
    3. Toward Conscious Decisions
    4. Cultivating your New Leadership Qualities
    5. Clarity on your Purpose, Vision, essential Values, and Mission
    6. Applying Mindful Tech Leadership
    7. New Workplace Transformation

In each of these areas, we have subject experts & coaches who act as moderators to provide you with new ideas and impulses, organize resources and regular events.

Furthermore, Reiner will regularly interview tech leaders (all levels) and present those in the Mindful Leader Podcast (see http://themindfulleader.buzzsprout.com) - so that you can benefit from their experience and best practices on tech leadership.

Accelerate your Leadership Growth by Applying to the Mindful Tech Leader Circle

For those of you who are committed to achieving a state of a high-performance mind and want to accelerate their personal and leadership growth, we encourage you to review the High-Performance Mind Training:

This allows you to become a certified Mindful Tech Leader within 12-weeks. 

Once you are a certified Mindful Tech Leader and are a positively contributing member to our community of Mindful Tech Leaders, we invite you to apply to become a member of the Mindful Tech Leader Circle, a select group of highly effective global tech, product or design leaders with a mission to transform and shape a New Workplace. 

We carefully review your application with a panel of senior leaders. Once accepted, you are part of the Mindful Tech Leader Circle; you can also take advantage of some premium offerings like joining special Mastermind Groups with like-minded peers and continuing your journey of achieving tech leadership mastery. 

Why join the Mindful Tech Leaders community? 

Usually, within your organization, you work in a very homogeneous environment.

Through masterminding with other tech leaders who are working in

  • different organizations
  • different problem domains and 
  • different global environments

You are benefitting from different viewpoints and an increased level of diversity.

Everyone participating in this group will face similar situations in their daily work-life.

Being part of this mastermind group of Mindful Tech Leaders (different levels) means you can access different perspectives and approaches to problems and challenges.

You also get to expand your network of valuable connections.

You get to give and receive help and support.

The group's energy and the individual support leaders receive from the group lead to greater accountability, rapid momentum, and ongoing motivation, as everyone works toward their goals.

Last but not the least, unlike on more general social networking platforms like LinkedIn, your voice will be heard, the topics are focused on your interests, and there are no algorithms to decide on your reach. Everyone here in the community will have access to what you share, and there is no censoring of important information happening.

Enjoy your private community focusing on topics like achieving a high-performance mind, and true tech leadership mastery.

Join the Mindful Tech Leaders!

As you're reading these lines, something has drawn you to this topic. You are probably ready to take action and do the next step.

To join the Mindful Tech Leaders, simply request access to the community above, and we will review your request.

There are currently no fees or costs for admission to the Mindful Tech Leader community.

As we're continuing to evolve the Mindful Tech Leaders community and provide more value by adding courses, live events, workshops, and more helpful resources to support your growth as a leader, you may be able to decide and purchase useful courses, subscriptions, or leadership coaching offerings when these become available.

However, as said, becoming a Mindful Tech Leader requires some of your time, resources, and a strong commitment to personal growth.

Signing up for the Mindful Tech Leader community is the first step to demonstrate this commitment.

How will we collaborate together? 

As we advance, we will have casual and occasional get-to-together with the Fellowship: bi-weekly Mindful Tech Leader meetings, mastermind groups (different levels of leadership experience), weekly live events, mindful technology leadership courses, Q&As, and other opportunities to connect. Those are all optional, and you decide, based on your schedule and objectives, how you will benefit, take advantage of, and contribute.  

Meetings will be conducted virtually over Zoom so that everyone independent of location can participate.

There will be a personal onboarding session with Reiner Kraft, PhD and a few members of the Mindful Tech Leaders community to help you in those early steps to make the most out of this community. 

Our Underlying Principles 

To share some common principles and methodologies, I suggest reviewing:


The Purpose of the Fellowship of Mindful Tech Leaders (the "Why"):

  • Minimize the harmful effects of stressful and toxic work environments on our health
  • Create a happier workplace by helping people experiencing meaningful work with joy
  • Support people in their personal and consciousness growth to become better leaders
  • Taking responsibility for the human family and create a better world

The 3 Focus Areas of the Fellowship: (the "What"):

As we're growing the Fellowship organically, we had a purpose workshop in mid-March 2020. As a result of our collaboration and the workshop, we have decided to focus our efforts on these three areas:

1. Platform & Community of Learning and Personal Growth 

  • Support each other on our journey of growing our consciousness to accelerate our personal & leadership growth

  • Create a platform and space that creates awareness and where people can come together, be honest, open, and authentic about their struggles without judgment

  • Enables discussions, guidelines, masterminding, networking, coaching & mentoring support through subject experts

  • To identify the underlying issues in our personality and thought process and use them, providing guidance on creating a structured & customized development plan to become a better version of yourself.

2.  Developing Best Practises, Skills, and Recommendations on Mindfulness in the New Workplace

  • Come up with practical suggestions for ways to bring mindfulness and consciousness growth, as well as love, into the workplace
  • Developing and sharing helpful mindful technology leadership principles and best practices
  • Support leaders to become Mindful Tech Leaders - by teaching them skills and best practices that help them on their journey
  • Concrete recommendations/examples of how to implement more mindfulness in organizations and teams

  • Access to knowledge & resources (books, workshops, seminars, courses, events, …) around mindfulness, empowerment & encouragement

  • Guide relevant knowledge and directly applicable skills to become a more effective leader in the organization

  • Develop hands-on techniques on how to implement mindfulness in a (non-mindful) Organisation

3. Raising Awareness of Mindfulness in the Workplace

  • Spreading knowledge about mindfulness, best practice sharing from bringing mindfulness to life in business-related measures

  • Guidance on the impact of mindfulness on bottom-line business results

  • Providing education, cultivating awareness, and increasing the size of the mindfulness population in the workplace 

  • How can we motivate and inspire other leaders (e.g., build a toolset, strategy) to develop their company's awareness?

  • True Personal transformative work and the communication of the impact of this. So others get inspired and can change the way they lead.

  • Get more insights on research findings on how mindfulness benefits the workplace

These focus areas are evolving as we're shaping the future of our Fellowship together!

Our Mission: (the "How"):

Building a community of like-minded leaders and experts to raise and cultivate awareness of mindfulness in the workplace, develop best practices of mindful leadership, and enabling the transformation of tech leaders, teams, organizations, and communities through new leadership principles


"This is your journey, and you need to take ownership on your own personal growth!" 

Research has shown that your chances of success are increasing if you surround yourself with a supportive community.

Therefore, joining the Fellowship of Mindful Tech Leaders could be a helpful step to have the right support and community of like-minded Mindful Leaders.

What are you waiting for?